Press Release

November 18, 2004 


The Northumberland Land Trust, a new community based organization has been established to work for the conservation of the natural areas, watersheds, forests and wildlife of Northumberland County.  The Land Trust is a non-government, charitable organization and it plans to partner with other agencies, community groups and landowners with similar aims.

The Land Trust was initiated in 2001 when the Willow Beach Field Naturalists began to explore the feasibility of such an organization. They were able to confirm that land trust organizations are operating successfully in communities across Ontario and North America. In 2002 WBFN concluded that a land trust could also contribute effectively to the conservation of significant natural areas in Northumberland County.

During 2003, the Land Trust was incorporated and registered as a charity. As of October 28, 2004, the Northumberland Land Trust began to operate under the direction of a volunteer board of directors, drawn from across the County. The members of the first Board of Directors are:

  • Dr. Doug Galt, President
  • Mr. Paul Peterson, Vice President
  • Ms. Frankie Liberty, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Ms. Joan Chalovich, Director
  • Dr. Brenda Beck, Director
  • Mr. Russell Lake, Director
  • Ms. Audrey Wilson, Director
  • Mr. Bill Logan, Director
  • Mr. Bryan Baxter, ex-officio, and President, Willow Beach Field Naturalists

The Land Trust hopes to work with area property owners to acquire or manage lands of significant interest. WBFN will provide limited funding on a matching dollar basis. As a registered conservation charity the Land Trust will be able to accept gifts of property ownership and to enter into conservation agreements with private landowners. Charitable tax receipts may be issued for the fair market value of the gifts, property titles and conservation agreements transferred to the Land Trust. 

Willow Beach Field Naturalists and the Northumberland Land Trust take great pride in this initiative for the preservation of the watersheds, landscapes and natural heritage of Northumberland County. There will be many opportunities for citizens and landowners to assist in the work of the Land Trust. We look forward to meeting you and to working with you.

For further information, please contact:

Mr. Russell Lake